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Submit to Stumbleupon (Opens in new window) The sun rises over the plant during a two-day COVID-19 vaccination clinic inside the JBS Greeley Beef plant in Greeley March 5, 2021. The company will not run the plant during the vaccination event scheduled for Friday and Saturday. JBS employees who receive the vaccine at the plant will be given 4 hours of pay and a $100 bonus for receiving the vaccine. By Justin Wingerter | | The Denver Post The meatpacking giant JBS USA was issued five citations and fines totaling $174,566 last month after a worker at its beef plant in Greeley became stuck in a conveyor belt and had his left arm amputated. At the end of his shift on Feb. 17, the worker was cleaning a conveyor belt and reached for something that fell off the end of the machinery. His smock sleeve then became tangled in the conveyor belt’s sprockets, causing the grisly injury, according to a report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration . “He was working alone when his arm got caught in the machinery and it pulled him in. He was there for a period of time screaming for help,” said Kim site link Cordova, president of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7, the employee’s union. Cordova said the man is a 37-year-old Burmese immigrant who was working the evening shift and is “really devastated by what happened to him.” OSHA investigated the incident two days later and determined JBS had not properly guarded the conveyor belt, exposing its employees to the threat of lost limbs. OSHA also found that employees did not know to wear a plastic device that ensures smock sleeves don’t dangle. On Aug. 17, OSHA’s Denver office informed JBS of the citations and proposed fines. The agency gave JBS until Sept. 20 to correct safety violations at the plant. The company can contest the allegations. A JBS spokesman did not respond to an email Friday asking if it would do so, but a spokesman said in a statement that JBS has taken steps to improve safety at the plant since the amputation. “Our sympathies go out to our team member who was impacted during this accident,” JBS spokesman Cameron Bruett said.

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“OSHA has been limited in its ability to impose penalties high enough to motivate the very large employers who are unlikely to be deterred by penalty assessments of tens of thousands of dollars, but whose noncompliance can endanger thousands of workers,” the draft said. It’s not clear from the draft when OSHA dropped the idea of covering all workers in favor of a health-care-only standard. issued an executive order to OSHA on Jan. 21 telling the agency to consider the need for a standard and if warranted, prepare the standard by March 15. But OSHA missed that deadline and more weeks passed. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said on April 6 he had “ordered a rapid update” of the unfinished standard based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analysis of virus dangers and the latest information on vaccinations and the variants. The draft rule went to the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs for a review on April 26. That’s considered the last step before a regulation is published in the Federal Register and becomes official. During a typical review, other agencies vet a draft standard for possible program and jurisdictional conflicts and to ensure the standard can withstand legal challenges. The emergency standard spent six weeks under review at OIRA, part of the Office of Management and Budget, where it was the focus of more than four dozen meetings with business and worker representatives before being released June 10 ( RIN:1218-AD36 ). Howard Shelanski, who led OIRA during the second term of the Obama administration, said in an interview earlier this month the OSHA standard was likely subject to a close OIRA review because as an emergency standard, the proposal hadn’t been through a public comment period where OSHA would have listened to concerns and explained why the standard was needed and viable against a court challenge. When the standard finally was issued, it applied only to health-care workers; other workers would be protected by updated guidance. During the months between Biden’s order and the standard’s release, business groups argued increasing vaccination rates were making it implausible for OSHA to claim Covid-19 still posed grave danger to workers. And as OIRA’s review continued, the CDC on April 27 and May 13 updated its guidance, relaxing mask requirements for fully vaccinated people. Unions and other worker support groups said the standard was still needed to protect unvaccinated workers and serve as backstop if Covid-19 variants made vaccines less effective. The AFL-CIO labor federation, the United Food and Commercial Workers, and National Nurses United filed lawsuits with federal appeals courts on June 24 asking the courts to review the standard.