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So, with summer winding down, it’s in your budget’s best interest to start thinking about your winter travel plans. “Just as swimsuits are cheapest in the winter and down coats are cheapest in the summer, so, too, are cheap winter holiday flights most likely to pop up now-ish,” said Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights and author of “Take More Vacations.” “If you wait until October to book flights, your odds of getting a good deal will be slim.” While it is exceedingly difficult to predict the pandemic’s trajectory, people seem more willing to roll the dice on holiday travel plans this year than they were last year. According to booking data from Guesty , a vacation rental management software company, November and December reservation volume for 2021 is already higher than it was in both 2020 and 2019. To help start wrapping our heads around holiday travel logistics, we spoke to health and travel experts to get their latest insights. Everything you need to know about traveling to Canada this summer Plan with pandemic precautions in mind, even if you’re vaccinated Brian C. Castrucci, the president and chief executive of the de Beaumont Foundation , a public health charity, said thinking through pandemic precautions should be as important as focusing on trip details such as hotels and restaurants for the foreseeable future. “You may feel safer going to a place where they have a mask mandate or where they’re enforcing indoor masking versus a place that doesn’t,” Castrucci said. As you decide where and whether to go, Castrucci encourages travelers to look up their destinations’ local mandates, vaccination rates and hospitalization rates. One tool he recommended is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s county-level coronavirus data tracker . For now, Castrucci said he is not discouraging vaccinated people from traveling the rest of the year. “If you’re vaccinated and you follow some basic common sense precautions, it’s still safe to travel,” he said. What 6 health experts say about traveling amid the delta variant Castrucci said it’s even more important to reduce risks for unvaccinated children, people with underlying conditions and the elderly. “I would say maybe you should go see Grandma instead of bringing Grandma to you,” he said. Some of Castrucci’s harm-reduction strategies include choosing to drive rather than fly to your holiday destination, avoiding indoor dining, masking whenever you’re inside or in crowded settings, staying in places where you can avoid taking elevators with strangers, continuing to social distance, and calling establishments in advance to see what coronavirus rules they have in place. Castrucci’s main piece of advice, though, is more straightforward: “If you’re planning any travel in the next few months, you’ve got to make sure that you’re vaccinated and anyone in your family who can be vaccinated is vaccinated.” Why and when you need a coronavirus test for travel Be prepared for expensive transportation and lodging Despite concerns over the delta variant’s surge, travel-industry pricing trends look a lot like they did before the pandemic, according to a consumer airfare index report from the travel booking app Hopper. That means airfare should be cheaper for trips in the shoulder season (think early fall for better deals) and expensive for flights departing right around Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you’re hoping to find those crazy-cheap travel deals we saw in 2020, don’t get your hopes up.

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